Northwest Campers on Mission

Campers on Mission (COM) is a national fellowship of Christian campers who share their faith and serve in various ways while they camp. Membership is open to Christian campers of all denominations, and there is no membership fee.

A national rally is held annually when COMers from all 50 states come together to enjoy worship, prayer, fellowship and workshops with one another

COM members accept short-term volunteer assignments across the United States and Canada. From state fairs and motor speedways to rural campgrounds, COM combine a love of the outdoors with ministry across North America. Volunteer opportunities can be found by logging on to The Bridge, which connects volunteers and missions by offering hundreds of projects for both individuals and groups.

COM is open to any adult. Whether single, retired, or newly married, camping enables you to be flexible in witnessing beyond the walls of the church. COM is family friendly and provides a great way to experience the relaxation of vacation with the satisfaction of a mission project. It is a great pathway to become an on-mission family.



Kathy Anderson, President
(360) 882-1965, (775) 721-0238 cell 

Doug Lack, Vice-President
(503) 757-2194

Anita Wilson, Secretary
(503) 804-1391 cell